Unst Boat Song, Shetland (Corrupted Norn Language)

This is a song from Shetland which was recorded in 1947. The Singer is a native from Unst, John Stikle (1875-1957).

The Shetland Isles became a province of Norway in King Harald Fairhair’s time, and belonged to that country till 1469, when King Christian I of Denmark and Norway (which countries had shortly before been united) pledged the Isles, together with the Orkney Islands, to Scotland as security for the dowry he had undertaken to provide on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter Margaret to King James III of Scotland.


One Response to Unst Boat Song, Shetland (Corrupted Norn Language)

  1. ola seier:

    Jeg får en helt annen betyding av denne sangen på mi dialekt.

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