Aaargh! Notebook dead, HP possible solution?

heiTaking into consideration that my notebook doesn’t want to boot Windows anymore and the screen is literally starting to fall off, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in the dire need of something new! Yesterday my Dell Latitude D620 was still working fine, although the status of the screen was getting worse by every session. Today, however, it refused to boot Windows due to some missing file.

The strangest part is that I haven’t installed any application at all and no changes have been made to my operating system. I’ve been using SpyBot, AVG Antivirus, CCleaner and Registry Mechanic for warding off spyware and the like. Luckily not all of my files were lost, I still got tons of podcasts, pictures and more on my Archos 605.

So, subsequently I’ve started looking for a new notebook. I’ve got lots of books to read, but I’m not yet used to the strength of my new glasses, so I can’t yet read for long before I get this ringing sensation in my ears. Very strange and very annoying to say the least. So I’ve been changing between playing games or watching videos on my notebook and reading some of the books that I haven’t read yet.

Currently I’m thinking about investing in a new HP. My choice would be the HP Pavilion dv5-1240 QL-64, since it’s good enough for the things I would need it for and  the brother of my girlfriend works for the same company. But will I be able to afford it? I will have to get a new notebook anway considering that I’ll go to the university this year, but I also need money for my appartement, books and so forth.


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