Inauguration Day

Well, I’m just having a blast! Since I came home today I’ve been doing nothing but finding RSS feeds to subscribe to, online news in video format and in general just trying to keep myself up to date.  One of the most interesting things yet must be an interview with the American intellectual Noam Chomsky by Le Monde, which you can find here. Chomsky says that Obama basically will be continuing the legacy of Bush, but that «the lesser of two evils won» the election. Some people defend Obama by saying that he was opposed to invading Iraq from the very beginning, but if you look at who he has appointed for his team  you might be inclined adopt a differnt view of things. His first appointement, Rahm Emanuel, may have been the only member of the Congressional Illinois Delegation who voted for Bush’s resolution to autorise the war in Iraq. Chomsky goes on to describe Emanuel as very pro-war.

It seems that alot more news channels are offering free video content  than I had thought. Having looked for news in Norwegian, Swedish, English, French and Dutch I came up with a list of channels that I added to my favorites:

I’ve also started reading the Lord of the Rings, but in Dutch (In de ban van de ring). I’m determined to finish this book in 14 days.  So far I’m enjoying myself with the language, I’m taking my time and I don’t need to look up words too often. I think this is the way to go. Intensive reading and listening really imprints the language on my personality. When I went to bed last night my head was «buzzing» with words and sentences. I guess being exposed to the language for 3-5 hours a day non-stop is the best way for an adolescent to attain a good level in any language. Doing alot, then having a break for 2-3 days just doesn’t cut it. That doesn’t mean that I need to get 3-5 hours of input for me in order to remember how to speak English, but in this time and age it was possible for me to grow up with this language. Right now I need to undergo the same natural process of assimilation.

In other news, Joseph Biden is upon writing this being inaugurated. I don’t know what to make of him. Noam Chomsky seems to be very critical, but I guess nobody really knows how things will play out.


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