I got to admit that it’s pretty strange, I woke up just after having had a dream of myself and my mother going by boat across the North Sea to visit the Faroese Islands. When I woke up I felt like having had an epiphany or something, and I quickly installed Verbix 8.0 and started looking for youtubes about this language. The interesting thing about this language is that I can clearly see the similarities between it and my dialect. For example, in proper Trøndersk (my dialect) you normally say:

  • Æ lés = I read
  • Æ lás = I read (at least in Aure, Sør-Trøndelag)
  • Æ har lissi = I have read

In Faroese this would play out as:

  • Eg lesi = Æ lés
  • Eg las = Æ lás
  • Eg havi lissin = Æ har lissi

This is very, very intriguing for me, since I don’t really identify with Bokmål much. It’s in some aspects strange to write in a language that doesn’t represent the actual spoken tongue, so I’m attracted to Faroese since it resembles Trøndersk.

I’m planning on taking a trip to the Faroes with my girlfriend sometime in the hopefully not too distant future. Before doing so I would love to learn enough Faroese well enough to be able to order food, talk a little with locals and so forth without any problems. More on this here.


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